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What’s on your mind and stirring your soul? Are you plagued by anxiety or crippled with depression? Perhaps you want to break some bad habits? Lose weight? Or maybe just rediscover your confidence?


Whatever your thoughts, feelings or problems, I can help you with my unique hypnotherapy sessions. Utilising a blend of RTT, NLP and hypnotherapy techniques, I will work to uncover the meaning and interpretation of events in your life - and then change them. By empowering your mind to instruct your body what to do, you will discover powerful results in one to three sessions. 

Issues I can help you with

 My one-on-one hypnotherapy, RTT and NLP sessions can help you release a wide array of issues including:


Addictions, weight problems, nerves, sexual issues, anxiety, depression, public speaking, pain control, stress, confidence, concentration, hearing, fears, self esteem, exams, sight/vision phobias, motivation, memory, mobility, panic attacks, achieving goals, driving skills, skin conditions, guilt, procrastination, relationships, hair growth, relaxation, career, fertility, insomnia, eating issues, interview skills, working with children.


My sessions are available to children aged five aged upwards and adults.


If you’re unable to relax or often find yourself in a constant state of panic it can be truly debilitating. My learn to overcome overthinking thinking sessions will help you move towards re-setting your anxiety level to ‘normal’ and clear your subconscious of the negative beliefs to instil a sense of calm.


Bring depressed can bring about a sense of hopelessness and never-ending despair. Through my Freedom From Depression sessions we will work through the beliefs and experiences that are the source of your pain and HELP YOU reprogram your subconscious to release those harmful mental blockages.


It's not what you are eating, it’s what is eating you. Break the comfort-eating cycle by getting to the root of it all in my End Emotional Eating sessions. Having trained in nutrition, I know the familiar weight-on-weight-off cycle and that diets don’t work. Eating habits are in the mind, not the body.


Trapped, unresolved emotions and trauma cause illnesses in the body. I can help you instruct your mind to heal the underlying cause and can offer relief from constant pain.


If you’re feeling rudderless and lost in life, my Finding Your Purpose sessions, help uncover your deeper dreams and wishes and help put you firmly on your true life path, and restore you confidence and vitality.


Whatever your vice or compulsion, in my Breaking Addiction therapy sessions, we’ll work together to help you resolve your addictions by getting to the source of it and helping you set yourself free.


If you have any issue that is troubling you and holding you back, I can work with you to create a custom treatment that will bring about harmony in your life.


Over Zoom we will discuss together your current triggering behaviours and beliefs by taking a deep dive into the source of your issues.


You will lie down or sit and relax in the comfort of your own home. Once in relaxed state of conscious awareness I will then do all the work.

We will literally begin the process of rewiring and retraining your mind so you can move forward.


After our session you will receive a bespoke recording by me to listen to for 30 days to help you break your old habits and thought patterns.


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My Methods

Through training with some of the world’s best therapists like Marisa Peer, founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy and using the coaching techniques of Tony Robbins, American author, coach and speaker, I can offer many approaches to choosing an approach that helps you.


Using RTT I go beyond hypnosis, diagnosing what works with clients to build a new therapeutic approach. Unlike traditional hypnotherapy, RTT does not rely solely on positive reinforcement. By using this approach, I am able to reach breakthroughs with my clients via hypnosis that would not be possible if they were simply trying to access the subconscious mind via altered language and self-talk.


As a fully qualified advanced RTT therapist and trainer, mentor and NLP practitioner, I am equipped with an array of techniques and tools that are crucial, not just in teaching you how to communicate with your subconscious mind, but also directly accessing and fixing whatever blocks may be there. Central to that is the ability to transform many clients in a single session. Using the RTT method

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