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“Quite simply what I do worked for me and can work for you also”

Member of the National Standard of Psychotherapists Council & General Hypnotherapy Register 
Anxiety and Depression Expert and Addiction and Weight Specialist

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My Journey

My journey to becoming a therapist is a unique but profound one. From a young age I experienced extreme emotional and physical trauma. Growing up I suffered chronic anxiety, depression and a binge eating disorder. I saw every doctor, counsellor and therapist under the sun – and even spent six weeks in The Priory clinic.


Healthcare professionals always told me I had to ‘manage’ my mental health and gave me armfuls of various tablets and medications which didn’t work with me.


From the depths of despair, I knew I was the only one who could bring myself back from the brink.


And something had to change.


To get myself on a path of wellbeing I studied everything I could on hypnotherapy, diet and nutrition and other techniques and practices I had picked up along my road to recovery. After seeing extraordinary positive changes in myself I was hooked… and then wanted to help others experience the amazing shifts I had.


Why Work With Me?

It’s my philosophy that no one should place boundaries on themselves when there doesn’t need to be any. I loathe self-limiting beliefs. I am living proof that it’s possible to overcome intense emotional and physical trauma though the power of hypnotherapy and by doing the mental work.


Quite simply it worked for me and can work for you too. My techniques are based in neuroscience and I see positive shifts in my clients daily. Drawing upon the wisdom from my decades’ worth of expertise and my own personal challenges, I am armed with the life experience, empathy and emotional intelligence it takes to get you to a better place.


There’s a reason why you do what you do or feel how you feel. Together, we’ll get to the bottom of it – then set you up to release what’s holding you back.

My Credentials

Rapid Transformation Therapist and Trainer

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified NLP practitioner

Anxiety and depression expert

Eating psychology coach

Addiction and weight specialist


 Marisa Peer-trained

Worked with self-help expert Tony Robbins

Worked with lecturer, author and educator, Dr Joe Dispenza

Member of the National Standard of Psychotherapists Council & General Hypnotherapy Register

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