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Terms and Conditions



At Jenni Bell Hypnotherapy, we are committed to providing quality and personable care to support you on your journey towards well-being. Our process involves thoughtful consideration, personalized plans, and careful scheduling to maximize the benefit of hypnotherapy. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as they outline our booking, payment, and refund policies.


1. Consultation and Information Gathering:


Upon initial contact, we engage in a comprehensive consultation process which may include communication via mail, text, call, or Zoom. We provide thoughtful responses and a tailored plan to help you overcome your specific challenges. This process may take days, weeks, or even months as we respect your thinking time and never rush or chase you.


2. Booking and Payments:


Once you accept a date for a session, you will be asked for payment. The time spent prior to this in gathering information and consultation is significant, and we ask you to acknowledge the commitment we make to each client.

Payment must be made within 24 hours of booking confirmation.


All packages’ workshops and event bookings are fully transferable but non-refundable. If you make a substitution, please let us know in advance. Should you need to make a last-minute change or feel you have paid for three sessions and only needed two, I am more than happy to keep the session on record for 3 months in which time you can choose to use it or gift it to a friend. If you do not attend a workshop or event you have paid for, and do not send a substitute, I will send you any resources you would have received.

If I must cancel or rearrange an event, I will give you, the opportunity to switch to the alternative date/venue or credit against a future event.


Hypnosis is successful when we work together, not engaging or not listening to the recording will affect its outcome.  If you have booked, I take it that you are committed to the process and engaged and committed to healing.

Also, with hypnosis I pride myself and always give my best in your journey. I always endeavour to clear and change the behaviours using rapid results.  It is also dependant on how long you have had the issue, how much of your life it affects and how committed you are to change.

3. Refund Policy:


Due to the extensive time spent on the consultation, information gathering, and planning process, we have a firm commitment to our scheduling and appointments. Once you accept the payment agreement and make the payment, no refund will be made. We ask for your understanding that this policy recognizes the substantial effort and dedication we put into preparing for each client's unique needs.


4. Missed Appointments:


We understand that life can be unpredictable. If you miss an appointment:

It can be rescheduled at your convenience up to three times.
Further rescheduling will be at our discretion.
Failure to uphold the rescheduled appointment without notice may result in forfeiture of the session without refund.


5. Client Responsibility in Therapy:


Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process that relies on both the therapist and the client. Your commitment, openness, and active participation are vital to the success of the therapy. We encourage you to be fully engaged in the process.


6. Conclusion:


We are committed to providing a nurturing and respectful environment for our clients. These terms and conditions reflect our dedication to ethical practice and the careful planning that goes into every client relationship.


By engaging our services, you agree to these terms and conditions.

For any questions or concerns, please mail me at

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