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I recommend you to everyone Jenni, I lived on anti depressants for 14 years, I actually now feel like Im living , I am at peace, I'm not living in the past and I feel like I am able to live-  Joseph P age 42

At some point in our life we have to draw the line and say enough is enough.

Be it with our weight, our fears, our phobias, our job or a bad relationship, there comes a time when enough is simply enough. 

So often we look outside ourselves for a tangible answer or something to make us feel complete and so often we fail at feeling fulfilled. Because our limiting beliefs hold us back.


All that you look for is not on the outside of your world. It is not a tangible object. The answer to whatever you want or don’t want in life is in everybody’s reach. 


Through decades of my experience I have helped thousands of people to be 'The Best Version of Themself' and enjoy the life they are supposed to be leading. 

If you have been looking for a sign - this is it!



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“I got up this morning , I had fruit for breakfast , I don't even like fruit! haven't craved any junk food, I feel like I'm just not interested any more- Lucy G- Bath

“Love Love Love the Mind Gym , I feel amazing, you are such an amazing inspiring woman, keep changing lives; you really are fantastic - Melany G. London

Wow, I have lost 3 stone since seeing you, I feel great , I don't touch the sugar foods anymore, best of all I'm not even interested in them, I can't believe it- Julie Atkinson - Rugby

Amazing and Inspiring woman, I had two sessions with jenni for Anxiety and I can say my life has changed

- Sue Killick Coventry

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Be the Best Version of Yourself!
'Busted 'Diet myths

If I lose weight quickly I will put it back on quickly

When fat is gone, its gone,. The speed at which you lose is irrelevant, what matters is what you eat after you finish the fat burning stage, if you believe you can go back to eating the quantity and types of food you did that got you overweight , then absolutley you will put weight on. Its a lifestyle change when we want a lean body

'Busted' Hypnotherapy Myths

The hypnotherapist will take over my mind 

No one can control your mind, unless you let them. Your Hypnotherapist will give you suggestions that you want to be given, based on the Pre-Hypnotic Interview. At no point during your session will you lose control of your mind. If you hear a suggestion that you don't agree with, or don't understand, your subconscious mind will automatically reject it.

It's too expensive

Really. the most expensive foods are the ready made and take away kind, one trip to the Chinese takeaway can cost us half a week's shopping bill before we know it. What about when you have done your weekly shop, and then you 'pop' out for other supplies , maybe a sandwich and crisps and a drink, there's at least another £5 or £6 pounds down the drain. 

Hypnosis is a "Miracle Cure".


While Hypnosis is a relatively quick method of making permanent improvements, there is no such thing as a one-time "Hypno-Miracle"! Every individual makes progress at his or her own rate. Each person is unique and individual and each case must be treated as such

I deserve a treat

An emotional eater reaches for food in times of trouble, a celebratory eater will excuse their junk-food-bingeing blips with the reasoning that they deserve the treat, it's a reward for their workout session/performance in work/successful weight loss that week. However, the truth is that yes, you do deserve a treat; what you do not deserve is to punish your poor body by plying it with junk and empty calories. Rather than celebrating your achievements with cake or wine, be kind to yourself and treat yourself to a massage or pampering session instead.

I'll start tomorrow

This is the one, we never start, tomorrow never comes, even if you can just cut down a little every day, it's still better than this old chestnut. Who are you trying to kid? instead of desperately trying to kick it two weeks before your holiday why not start today and be in maintanance by your holiday, feeling great take off the pressure and get into the beach body

If I become Hypnotized, I may not be able to snap out of it, or Hypnosis is Dangerous.

Hypnosis is very safe and is in fact, a state of hyper-awareness. Any time there is an emergency, a person would naturally be able to come out of the Hypnotic state by opening their eyes, and stretching or speaking.

Self Hypnosis or an app is better/safer

Self-Hypnosis can be detrimental when not taught by a trained professional, as a negative attitude or belief about oneself will be reinforced regardless of suggestions given. This can cause more stress and problems in the long run. Hypnotherapy directly accesses the subconscious mind, while Self-Hypnosis cannot.


Jenni Bell

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