Give me CHOCOLATE !!!

The fat girl want's out !!!

If you’re anything like me, then sweet treats are your drug of choice. I always feel there is a fat girl still inside me desperate to get out. Despite losing 4 and a half stone myself think that should be enough to 'shut her up’, but she, like myself, always has something to say about it.

So if you are like me, or any of my clients, whatever seems to be happening in your life we decide that dealing with the feelings, be it hunger, anger, or even feeling really happy, we like to pop in some treats. Let's not forget the TV! It sits in the corner reminding you at every moment that if you eat a Mars, you can work, rest and play, or a Mc Donald’s will actually make a child feel happy, I mean it’s a happy meal right, well it might short term. Then the sugars kick in; and little Johnny is now crying and throwing a two year old tantrum even though he is 12. As his body tries to deal with it, he rides the emotional sugar roller coaster, hyped up then crashing within an hour or so feeling tired and irritable and wanting something else to eat. Blood sugars! So then he or she want's sweets, would they want the chewy fruits if she knew they were made from boiled pony hooves’, or the gum animals, boiled up cow's hooves, add some sugar and some e numbers in to make your little ones crave. Did you know that the production of a very well-known chewy pig, makes the company one of the largest purchasers of pig carcasses, yep. They don't seem as appetising then do they? We never stop to think about what we are eating, it’s just a cute little pink piggy, Boiled hooves and sugar, try mixing that in your kitchen I’m sure you'd soon go off eating those.

Never forget these businesses spend literally billions ensuring that food hits our reward centre and back we trot for more. If you have ever been on my Mind Gym courses, you will know these things simply make you binge even more, I teach the good, the bad and the ugly foods and combine that with some great therapy to stop that cycle.

Our brains don't like deprivation though, so what can we do, telling ourselves ‘No’ simply won’t cut it sometimes, so if you haven’t attended my seminars, you won't yet know the secrets of succeeding at this. For those who have and are out there armed with the tools to stopping the cycle in its tracks, here's a few extra food swaps to stop the cravings and satisfy. It really doesn't mean being free from things you enjoy, it just means using different sources and ingredients that your body will allow you to burn and not desperately store and make you crave more.

1–YOU’RE CRAVING: mmm I need a savoury/sweet thing... so before the Snickers bar, or Cadbury’s fruit and nut.

HOW ABOUT: Swapping for a way more beneficial:

Slicing up an apple and spreading it with Meridian or homemade peanut butter, I know you’re thinking it won't cut it, well everything else has failed you, so why not give it a go?

How about 1 oz. of raw almonds with 1 or 2 tsp of hot cocoa powder. 
The hot cocoa mix adds just enough sweetness to the almonds, which are packed with protein, fibre, and healthy unsaturated fatty acids like omega.

2–YOU’RE CRAVING: brownies or cake.

HOW ABOUT: Medjool dates. my goodness they are like toffees, two or three of these bad boys and your craving is satisfied, I slice them open have some soya yogurt and a sprinkle of walnuts. Or cold, crunchy grapes? Maybe four or five, you will be surprised how you really don't have to eat the whole packet

3 Chips - One of my favourites, ok how about using sweet potatoes, cut, sprinkle with a little oil and bake in the oven, or even celeriac chips

4 Mashed potatoes- You have to try this one to believe it, it’s one of my favourites , Boil up cauliflower, and when cooked , drain it add a small dash of olive oil and blend it , I can't tell the difference, you can even put on a tin of tuna and have it a jacket potato.

If you want to know how to live the Sugar free with Jenni b, simply get yourself onto one of my courses at the mind gym, experience all you need to know about living without counting calories or dieting and get some mind set changes from the Hypnotherapy and NLP session and leave with a completely different approach, if you think you have tried everything, well you obviously haven't. Go to

Or visit me at the MIND GYM

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