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I’ve completed successful life changing coaching sessions for people just like yourself, if you didn't want to change something you wouldn't be here right?

I have lived my life with the outlook and belief that there is no such word as can't, and guess what, it’s pretty much true.  Sometimes we are unable to move forward; maybe you want freedom from something like anxiety that holds you back.  A relationship where you constantly bicker but you don’t want to leave. Maybe you have a dream, whether its start up your own business, or take a year out and travel, or maybe you have a business which has swallowed you up and you are chasing your tail.

Whatever it is there is always a voice in your head, which keeps telling you it's impossible or you cannot see a way through, well guess what that voice in your head is a liar.  There is always a way through, I have been through so many of life's challenges and overcome them.  It gave me a natural calling.


I was in Senior Management to Barclays Bank for many years.  I won several awards for my inspirational leadership and ability to motivate and drive the business and their employees forward, with such passion, but it wasn’t enough for me, One sunny Tuesday afternoon I decided to start my own business. I handed in my notice that day, the following week I stood in the local shopping centre with a clipboard and approached people about diet and nutrition, not an easy task.  By the end of the week I had nearly 50 clients and I have never looked back.   I went on to study Hypnotherapy, with Los Angeles and London's top celebrity therapist Marisa Peer, I wanted to make sure I was taught by the best and could have total confidence in all my therapies.


I have also studied nutrition and life and relationship counselling. That was seven years ago and since then I have gone from strength to strength, living the life I love with passion.


Currently I am following the Tony Robbins life coaching programme to ensure I have the very best of everything to offer, with the therapies and tools that are the most effective. I never want to give anyone anything but the very best they can have.


You may feel 'I'm not sure, maybe she can help?' You will get nothing until you try, so why not drop me a line with a little about yourself or give me a call, from that conversation I can guarantee you will make the first step to changing your life for the better.  From there we can schedule some 1 to 1 coaching sessions, either face to face, Skype or even over the phone. You can achieve your dreams and you can live that better life, you just don't realise it yet.


Set yourself free at last and take that first step, I'm ready to guide you to become the very best version of yourself and live the life you want to with passion.



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Inspring a room of new business owners, to succeed.

Working with the wonderful Marisa Peer, Hypnotherapist to the celebrities, Author, motivational speaker who was Awarded Best British Therapist and featured in Tatler's guide of Britians Best Doctors to become a MPM Hypnotherapist


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