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Hypnotherapy and NLP

A gateway to becoming 'The Best Version of Yourself'

Way too much of our lives are focused on the wrong thing. Do you ever feel like your inner voice is playing a pre-recorded message on a loop, but it’s the wrong message? Telling you, you can't do this? And you'll never be able to do that? Are you ever filled with a fear so strong it begins to interfere with your everyday life or hinders your performance? 

If you can relate to this, Jenni can help you. Whether you want to quit smoking or start a relationship, lose weight, break habits, give speeches or even give presentations at work...  Maybe for you it’s about overcoming anxiety or even a phobia, or if you feel you need motivation or to become more confident - Jenni can help.

Jenni will work with you as an experienced skilled Advanced Master Therapist. By using a combination of advanced techniques from NLP and Hypnotherapy in a gentle calm atmosphere she will move you forward towards your goals, helping you to make changes for the better. Each session is expertly tailored with flexibility to match with you as a unique person. All sessions are recorded on a high quality Audio CD, which is specifically intended for you.


So what is NLP? 


NLP is often used in combination with Hypnotherapy to great effect. Paul McKenna, Derren Brown and Anthony Robbins are all well known proponents of NLP and regularly use NLP techniques.


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can be used to help you to deal with the effects of past experiences. It is particularly well known for its phobia cure, in many cases helping people to get rid of a phobia within hours or even minutes. NLP starts from the belief that you are not broken and that you don't need to be 'fixed' rather than your mind applying a strategy that isn't suitable to the situation. Starting with this belief, NLP attempts to exchange the processes that your mind is using, for those used by people who are successfully achieving the same goals as you. If for example you are struggling with an addiction to something that is bad for you, NLP would say that the addiction strategy that you have is good but it's attached to the wrong thing, so why not make use of it for something positive, like eating healthily?



Not to be confused with Stage Hypnosis, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy makes use of the subconscious part of your mind to help you to make changes in your life. It can be used to effectively deal with many problems from addictions, smoking, food addiction, alcohol etc. to bad habits, anxiety, OCD, fears, phobias, to build confidence, self esteem, create motivation, deal with depression, create success, increase fertility, help with menopause symptoms and many other health problems.


You were not born with this problem. Your subconscious mind runs a programme. One that believes it is protecting you. For example, you may feel you could not leave the house without checking the door three or four times. At some point in your subconscious believes this will stop something terrible happening. You play this programme, strengthen it and before long you can't leave the house altogether. With hypnotherapy this programme can be changed - almost like switching a TV channel...


Hypnotherapy makes use of your natural ability to move between these altered states. This is something that everyone does all the time. If you've ever been travelling along a route that you regularly use and found that you can't remember the last few minutes - then you were in an altered state commonly known as 'trance'. As a hypnotherapist Jenni will help you to shift into this altered state deliberately and then give carefully designed suggestions using NLP directly to your subconscious, to help you to make the changes you need.




So the best of the best, here is this months, voted by clients to be the there favourite sessions

Sleep like a baby, a must for anyone who is struggling to sleep, feeling really relaxed you will drift off into a sound relaxing sleep and wake feeling refreshed, everytime.

Pass that test

Whether it's a driving test or an exam for school, this immersive therapy will make sure you pass with flying colours

Whether it's jealousy or anger that makes you bicker constantly this couples session will help to heal the relationship and renew all the feelings that got you together in the first place.

This is always a hit with clients sufferring anxiety , for those who are literally at the end of their tether with Stress or Depression, It's available as a one to one or a course in the Mind Gym, either way you can let me worry about your stress and stop this debilitating illness from running your life.

Freedom from Anxiety & Stress

Hypnotic Gastric Band

As seen on Lorraine the hypnotic gastric band takes you through the whole operation and immediately after you are unable to eat the portion sizes you could before.

Lose the weight without trying , eradicate sugar and be drawn towards all the healthy foods.

Food and sugar addiction

Confidence and self esteem

Not confident in certain things? Whether it's general confidence or public speaking or sports performance, increase your confidence with NLP and Hypnotherapy

Forget the patches and vaping Cigarettes, just stop in one morning session. Why spend money on other habit forming things, when what you really want is to stop smoking all together?

Stop Smoking

Drug Addiction

Whether its Cocaine, Alcohol ,Weed or some other substance that's got you caught in a trap, freedom from drugs is easier than you think

Freedom from Depression

Feeling lost, can't get out of bed, feeling like there is no future, maybe you have OCD or are even at the point of self harm; freedom from depression can take you from that horrible place and make you regain your life.

Healing Deep Sleep

 Heal your relationship


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