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Jenni trained with Marisa Peer, Best-selling Author, Motivational Speaker and Leading Celebrity Therapist who features in Tatlers guide of Britians best Doctors and Jenni is one of a handful of therapists to train under Marissa and use the highly sucessful Marisa Peer Method. 


Jenni is one of England’s top Weight Loss Experts, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist with nearly three decades in the weight loss industry behind her. She has won many awards for her Award Winning Weight Loss Consultanty and Hypnotherapy and NLP practice.


Jenni Qualified at Level 5 with a Diploma as an Advanced Weight Loss Practitioner and has gone on to train, not only seminars in weight management , but has written and delivered NLP & Hypnotherapy training courses.


Jenni uses a combination of approaches to making positive life changes, but it’s not only life experience. She has studied nutrition, holds an Advanced Master in Clinical Hypnosis and is a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. She is also an accepted member with the General Hypnotherapy Register.


But it's not just Hypnotherapy for weight loss.  Jenni runs highly successful specialist courses. From the highly sucessful 'Marisa Peer - You can be thin' seminars, to the phenomenal Anxiety and Stress management. Jenni uses a cutting edge approach which includes deep trance hypnotherapy and NLP written specifically for these areas, she is able to cure many issues of the mind within the intense therapy courses.


Jenni has helped hundreds of people turn their life around; she has appeared in several magazines over the years with her successful clients


By overcoming many traumas in her own life, including PTSD and being diagnosed with a life threatening illness, the problems Jenni has faced herself have only made her stronger, giving her personal experience to relate to your issues.


Her philosophy is - everything you are faced with is not a problem, but an opportunity to see a way through, improve yourself and - if you can - help others in your life;  you then have the opportunity to grow. For every problem or issue there is a positive.  If you focus on the problem you miss the positive.


When the wind changes you simply need to adjust your sails.


For years Jenni struggled with her weight, using every diet available, only to struggle not only to lose weight, but also to keep the weight off. This coupled with dealing with PTSD and many other challenges really made her turn her life around.


Her passion and genuine interest in people made her decide to dedicate her career to helping people.  Jenni says 'we all need someone at sometime in our life who can really understand how we feel or who have the ability to empathise with us'.  

I changed my life when I realised this:   'the voice in your head, that says you can't, is a liar, and anything is achievable'.  

Sometimes people just need showing the way,  help with their thinking or even re-programming negative their belief systems.'


'I wanted to use the same approaches as the people I believed really had been successful and learn from their experience. I never take my studies lightly. I've always wanted a diploma rather than a certificate. I wanted to study the same techniques used by the people I admire, so I studied in the same disciplines as Paul McKenna, Anthony Robbins and Derren Brown, as I believe they are the best in their field.

The great news is that the approach and techniques Jenni uses have proved to be successful with anything that is thrown at us in life. From anxiety to enhancing sports performance, Jenni is able to end your struggle for you and move you forward to being the best version of yourself.


She studied hard and dedicates her life to helping others. She succeeded in losing 4 stone in 12 weeks over 6 years ago now and has never gone back. 


Jenni says: 'My struggle is over. The big girl is always inside me, but every day I win now, not her.  It was not only diet, it was addiction and that requires a totally different approach and a big shift in focus.'


Jenni has helped hundreds of people succeed and even has TV personalities, doctor’s teachers and politicians under her belt.


After extensive research she believes she has the perfect combination package to end the struggle.  Jenni also lives by her morals and would never suggest anything she has not tried and tested on herself. In one of her many articles she has been quoted as saying: 'I am my own advert and a living example of what can be achieved. After all, you want to see someone who has lost their weight and kept it off.  I wouldn’t visit a dentist who had bad teeth!'

'I pride myself on my success rate with my clients. I feel it was the role I was always meant to do. I have released hundreds of clients from endless struggles and moved them forward with their lives, and there is nothing more rewarding for me.' 


Why not read her testimonials?- Testimonials


Read what my Clients are saying

After our session I feel so much better , I have even been shopping, I didn't think I would ever feel normal again, my OCD was way out of control , I cannot thank you enough, I'm taking my grandaughter to the seaside at the weekend and I am so excited thankyou


Julie Aitkin Leicester age 46


How my service works
I work with you to resolve any of life's challenges on a one to one basis, I run really popular workshops , seminars and bootcamp weekends as part of
'The Mind Gym'  These places are booked pretty quickly so make sure to secure your place.
I also offer face to face, or even Skype meetings whichever suits your lifestyle
Prices start at £60.00 per session


Feedback from - Anxiety Weekend at the Mind Gym.

I have been to doctors who simply put me on tablets, I have suffered since 1996 with really bad anxiety, I didn't think a course would help but someone said I should try, I was so nervous , but I am so glad I did it.  

I am literally amazed , you made me feel like I was normal and I have felt fantastic since. My husband has said it's great to have his old wife back , I can't thank you enough , you are a wonderful kind person with a great gift, Im telling everyone I know to do this course from now on

Kathy Mc -  Atherstone Warwickshire


Mind Gym - Weight Loss weekend

I just wanted to say I had a fantastic time , you are an absolute inspiration , I didn't realise how many things I was doing wrong with food, and why I couldn't stop eating, I'm not sure what you have done but I am just not interested in the bad foods anymore, I even had scrambled egg for breakfast, I have lost 7lbs this week , without trying ...Im so excited Thankyou Jenni you're the GUR !

 Ashley Hemming 53 - Bath


Jenni Bell

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